Our website was designed by the powerhouse team at Refinery Original and we could not be happier with it. We have been working with James and Erica for about 6 years. This is our second re-brand with them and we are just so impressed with them. Our first time around, when we started working with Erica and James, four years into our already established business, they gave us a brand identity. They took a business and a logo and created a brand that could be felt and seen in everything we do. Fast forward, to now 11 years into our business, they have solidified our identity and incorporated our growth as business owners into our site. Erica and James took the time to understand who we are as people and business partners and forge them together to create a truly unique site that feels more like us than ever before. There is no other person I would ever trust with our Ike and Tash identity and every time with Refinery gets better and better.

Our Experience

working with refinery