A FUSION team, 
East meets West.
Boy meets Girl.

Tash developed a love for pictures early on, for the story of the past that they told, and the power of the present moments they preserved. She would spend hours and hours turning through albums imagining.

She loves him

Ike has always been obsessed with movement, emotion and stories; a great story can capture a moment and captivate you, and it was that love for story telling that got him into video.

He supports her

Ike & Tash was launched in May too!

Both of our birthdays are in May
fact #1

with no friends in common.

We met on Myspace back in 2005
fact #2

Now he’s better than her.

Tash picked up the camera first and taught Ike
fact #3

and have nearly 10 countries under our belt.

We LOVE to travel as a family as often as possible
fact #4

and birthed only two of them.

We have almost 200 daughters around the city
fact #5

With our two daughters, Wisdom and Courage in tow, we travel around the country teaching photographers, taking pictures of special moments and making incredible memories, writing our story as 
we tell yours through photographs.  

Family. Travelers. Adventurerers.

Wanna learn more from Ike?  Check out his Patreon for more in-depth educational videos, photography challenges, giveaways, educational freebies and Q & A.

A photography channel dedicated to teaching and technology that is both fun and entertaining. Ike posts practical tips on portrait and wedding photography, sharing information on his thought process for setting up and getting the shot. The first professional wedding photographer on Youtube to vlog real weddings in real time, Ike posts practical tips on gear, settings, posing and editing that are authentic and engaging, and sure to grab your attention. 


Tash’s platform exists to inspire the beginning entrepreneur, the working or stay-at-home mom and every woman in between. 

She helps women take a leap with their dreams, whether it’s starting a family, a business or quitting something to live life on their terms, she models that the life they hope for is both possible and attainable and that they CAN have their cake and eat it too. 

You CAN be a wife. You CAN be a mom. You CAN travel the world. You CAN be a businesswoman and pursue your dreams. You CAN have it all (mostly) with a bit of hard work and a plan. 
Motherhood, Faith, Family and Entrepreneurship are her topics of choice and she uses education through conversation and storytelling to help us all live our WISEST and most COURAGEOUS life.