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Tacoma, WA: I love this city!


Do you ever just get annoyed at work??! Tired, maloose (sp?), fed-up, bored??!  I did, about two weeks ago.  I was staring out the window thinking of all the reasons why I wanted to be a photographer, but doing very little to actually get there.  I had just starting carrying my camera everywhere I go (like real photographers do) one of the cool tips that Scott Kelby http://www.scottkelby.com/ told me to do–so, alas, I decided its time to take responsibility.

That day was a rough one.  It was one of those days where is sunshiney on one side of the street and dark and gloomy on the other and as it always does around this time in Washington, rain and possible thunderstorms were on the agenda, but definitely rain.  I packed up my million bags I trudge to work daily, put on my North Face fleece and hit the road… and below is what I came up with.  Five very beautiful reasons why I went all the way to Miami, Florida to get my area code (“253”) tattoo’d on my wrist to pay homage to a city that raised me!