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Depth of Field Conference with B H Photo in New York City


Finding affordable education can be really hard to do.  Ike and I, and our family, had the opportunity to join B & H for their annual Depth of Field Conference, back in February (just two weeks before Covid-19 got really bad) in New York City. 

We had so much fun being in the Big Apple for a week, sight-seeing, hanging with friends and having the opportunity to be a part of B & H’s platform as their first headlining senior photography speakers.

While in New York, we had the chance to speak on two really important topics related to senior photography:  building relationships to build a strong business & social media and how young people engage online and what photographers should be doing to connect in a more authentic way.   Both topics were things we not only enjoyed speaking about but had positive feedback on.

While there, we also got a chance to hang with the B & H team that conducts their podcast and got to share our thoughts on photography as a husband/wife team, the wedding industry, storytelling and how we approach both individually and as a team, and our plans for the future.  Since then, Covid-19 has come and changed all of our lives – so we offered an amended version of our podcast. 

You can hear it by visiting this link.

Absolutely recommend checking out the Depth of Field Conference.  It was an incredible event jam-packed with some of our industry’s most dynamic speakers.  There was shooting, photo competition, portfolio reviews, enough gear to get anyone excited and so many new and old friends.   10/10 think you should add it to your list as a conference to check out.

Have you been to Depth of Field?  Would you consider a photography conference in the middle of winter?  Have you heard our podcast interview?  If so, what did you think.

All photos for this post provided by Sam Liu Photography.

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Ike and Tash