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The Johnsons!!!


There are NO words for how much I absolutely LOVE and adore this family.  I officially met Fahren, the matriarch, in September at my church, after hearing about her and her incredible voice for years!  Fahren showed up at all of my local coffee shops and community fests–I admired her from afar but never in a million years thought we would be friends, or even family, as we are now.

Fahren is my kindred spirit, if there were anyone in the world who could be such a thing.  Fahren completely adopted me and has loved me since day one.  I trust Fahren, I love Fahren, I believe Fahren and I am blessed by Fahren.  As if she wasn’t enough…  I get Earnest, Fianna, EJ, Myanna and Ezhane too!  What a joy it was to spend the day with my “new” family and what a honor to be able to photograph these moments.
Check out Fahren’s music on Facebook or Myspace or visit www.fahrenj.com.  You will love her as much as I do.

** accessories for the shoot provided by Ms. Christian Shook, image consultant and personal shopper.  Check out Christian at www.CSReny.com or call her for your own very special shopping experience by phone at 206.601.3184. :)**

Gotta love a family that loves Jesus; the one who sacrificed it all!