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Sisters: Amanda & Cristina (aka my AWESOME cousins!)


As many of you know I have been playing Carmen Sandiego the last two weeks and have been away from home.  Although for good reason, I have been a tad bit homesick… so today, or yesterday–depending on when you read this, my cousins Amanda & Cristina came to see me off back to Seattle and spent the day with me in DC!  We went to Tyson’s Corner, has some five guys and decided to do a mini-shoot in the mall parking lot garage.

I loved shooting these girls today, 1.) because they’re my cousins and I love them 2.) because looking at them through the lens is like seeing myself–which is great after having spent 20 some years looking like no one but my mom (check out the blog about The Oliver’s from December 2009 for more info) and 3.) these guys really really love eachother and have the sisterly relationship that I would have wanted had God blessed me with one of my own.

I love being Amanda & Cristina’s cousin.  They are both brilliantly smart!  Incredible writers, as I mention earlier, Amanda is going to be published this year and Cristina is a avid poet and both of them have so much to look forward to in 2010:  Amanda is getting married April 10th to the love of her life and her ultimate life mate and sweet little Cristina, my mini-me, is graduating with a Bachelors from George Mason and will one day represent this country as a diplomat I am almost sure.

I love my girls so much and loved spending the day with them…. Enjoy!