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Its beeen way too long…..


so let me tell you what WE’VE, yes we’ve been up to!  We’ve=Isaiah and I, who has now become my first employee, my partner and the best husband to me and Latasha Haynes Photography!

Last weekend Isaiah and I invited six models, Kacee, Juliete, Sarah, Lloryn, Stephanie and Chelsea, two assistants, Sage and Melina and one hair person, TaNitra and make-up artist, Nika to come to our house for a all day shoot to get ready for our website launch–May 2, 2010.

It was an incredible day!  Each model was chosen for a specific reason–their spunk, their passion, their obvious beauty, their kindness, their grace and just their love for me to participate and it was a BLAST!

Below are a few snippets from an overwhelming incredible shoot!  If someone would have asked me 10 years ago if I’d be following my dream in this way, I would have laughed out loud… but one person knew… my sweet grandmother, Doretha Spice, who was always telling me to turn this hustle into a business…  she foreshadowed without realizing it!  I hope she’s watching over proud….  Enjoy!

Juliete is BEAUTIFUL as you can see and I was so excited when she said she would participate.  Juliete is the kind of girl you could shoot all day long… like allllll day long, like you never want to stop!  Isnt she sooo exotic??!
Chelsea is a partner and provides some awesome opportunities for my young people in YouthBuild.  I loved her new look—she got new bangs and I had to photograph her!  So beautiful!
When I first saw Stephanie at Isaiah’s Holiday party—I told him I had to get my camera on her.  Since he worked with her–he asked her if she wanted to pose, so he totally took credit. Her beautiful smooth and porcelain skin is enough to covet and  her personality matches it! Love this girl!

Beautiful Kacee is just as this picture shows her.  Bright and full of energy and spunk.  Kace and I met at a Project Runway fashion show that my cousin walked in.  She was so friendly and sooo sweet that we threw her in and now we are friends and I think she is the sweetest thing!

Lloryn-one of my newest and most-cherished friendships. I have met Lloryn time and time again… and finally we decided to be friends.  Lloryn not only is a amazing in front of the camera but loves to be behind it! I imagine many incredible things happening in conjunction with Lloryn in the future!  I was thrilled when she agreed to spend the day with us!
Some previews of some of their fun and crazy looks……..

and my gorgeous cousin, Sarah in a Michelle Williams original design (Juliete is also wearing one)
For more information about Nika (make-up), TaNitra (hair) or Michelle Williams’s designs email me at photomelatasha@gmail.com.