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Model or designer?? Im confused


Meet my newest friend and FAVORITE designer, both locally and un-locally??! Michelle Williams is a designer here in Seattle, who attends the Art Insitute and she is so filthy when it comes to fashion. I am absolutely in awe of her and the real FUNNY part about all of it is that I almost missed her.

Let me explain, my cousin Sarah was walking for her at a fashion show, Project Runway event that I wasnt originally going to go to for a number of reasons but ended up attending, which is how I met Michelle and got to know Juliete better and high-jacked my Kacee.

Anyway throw us all together and BEAUTIFUL music is made.  Not even knowing me, and with no business card to show her I was semi-legitimate, we told Michelle about this MASSIVE shoot we were getting ready to embark upon and she agreed almost with no doubt to give us her outfits to use for the shoots and it totally made the difference!

Now Michelle and I are friends and are working on a variety of different projects together–including her designing a custom piece for me for a very special day I have coming up sooooon and very soon.

She and I (and Isaiah) met up for coffee yesterday and I asked if I could do a few very candid photos.  Isnt she amaziiiiing??! Even better in person!

God knows what He’s doing when He brings folks together, I tell ya!