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A Concert of Hope for New Horizons Ministries; Seattle WA


One of the things I truly am thankful for is good friends.  Not only good friends to me but good people to the rest of the world.  My best friend Clarise put on a benefit concert to help support her work with New Horizons Ministries and it was incredible!  New Horizons Ministries is a faith based non profit organization that specializes in working with street and homeless youth.

Now, I know you’ve been to a hip-hop/R & B/gospel or any other concert and heard an artist perform and then when its over its like it happen all too fast—well Clarise may not be famous, but to me she was the only person that matter that night.  When she finished her first set of classical musical selections and went into her second set of songs, featuring work by the greats India.Arie and Mary Mary, it was over way too soon.  I was sitting there shooting, wishing I had a remote control that could rewind.

Never in the history of our friendship had I been prouder, not just because she performed her tooshy off, but because of why she did it.  To help homeless youth.  To serve homeless youth and to show them the love of Christ thru her actions toward them.  The spirit moved that night in that place and I do believe lives were changed.  People left a little prouder, a little more willing to help others, proud of who they were especially in Christ and their ability to have impact.

Clarise is such a rarity.  She is so bold and courageous.  So loving and so giving and those young people are so lucky to have her!

For more information about New Horizons Ministries, please visit http://www.nhmin.org/.