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Its not just Latasha Haynes…………


its Isaiah too AND from this day forward THIS PARTICULAR BLOG will reflect that. you will hear two voices/ sometimes me/sometimes him/sometimes shim or she and him…….. maybe sometimes nothing: maybe just pictures with no story—pictures that tell the story?!  At any rate: “Welcome to OUR blog!”

the story behind him: after months of supporting me, investing, carrying gear Isaiah decided that he too wanted to get involved in this CRAZY thing called photography, so we got him a camera and he went to work.  What I love and hate most about our union is that when Ike (what I so affectionally call him) gets hooked on something—I mean, he is HOOKED/obsessed even.   So here we are and he is ALL in.  The other thing that makes this new passion incredible is that we are both so competitive that we live to impress eachother!

We have dreams of being the best one day–discovering our style more and more every shoot/studying/practicing & improving so much so one day being as good as other incredibly talented husband/wife teams:

Nate & Jaclyn Kaiser
Cory & LaRae Lobdell
Doug & Chenin Boutwell
Chris & Sarah Rhoades
Joe & Jill Hein

just to name a few. 

We hope to use this blog as a way to bring fun/edgy/BOLD/sassy and fun images to you that tell a story of love/hope/inspiration.  we arent the best–we are on our journey of learning and discovering but we wont stop until we are!

We are ambitious.
We are passionate.
We are driven.
We are hungry.

and one day we will be international/portrait & lifestyle photographers (speak those things that aren’t as though they are right??)

few fun facts: we met on myspace.  we have been married for 3 years.  we have 5 godchildren. we both were born in the first week of may.  we are bi-coastal and often feel that we split time between the east and west coast. we love clothes and love seven jeans for all mankind.  AND we love to travel!

Follow us as we grow/as we seek/as we share/as we create/as we discover/as we investigate: LIGHT.

To know us is to LOVE us.  trust me. i wouldnt lie to you!