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Leigh Ann loves Bjorn & Bjorn really loves Leigh Ann


one of the hardest things about not being a full-time photographer is the fact that your kinda slow on the turn around/i mean, not terribly slow/but slow enough that when it comes time to blog about folks/you want to present your favorites without giving all the goods away/so you have to present a mix of picture you love & pictures you really love while saving still some for the client to enjoy when they actually recieve that awesome cd snail mail/or in person….

well thankfully with this awesome couple/i could seriously draw out of a digital hat and not go wrong!

leigh ann turned 30 last thursday night–and planned a birthday shoot with ike and i back in january/when we barely knew what we were doing (that is awesome support from a friend).

additionally to that/leigh ann and bjorn were the first photoshoot after we were brutally rebuffed by the bride who… well, the f-word (clue: fired us) * you can read about that a few posts down.

leigh ann works with me at goodwill/so the pressure was absolutely on/if she hated the pictures id have to face her everyday/and if bjorn hated the experience/and/or the pictures/then she was never getting pictures again, because like most guys i know-he really wasnt keen to jump in front of two big ole nikons.  to make matters worse the weather was typical of this lovely state/complete overcast/a bit of sprinkle and a ton of wind/and still we went out

well/GOODNEWS/leighann and bjorn totally gave me my groove back/and isaiah who is typically the sharp shooter sat out and coached me and supported me/distracted the clients by making them laugh/and below are a few of my favorites: (incredibly clear/crisp & sharp) but not all of the good ones:

and yes i totally brought a birthday hat to commorate: duh, its a big deal: 30!

                           happy 30th birthday leigh ann! i so love you and appreciate your friendship!