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my friend: Danielle


let me first start this post by apologizing for the incessant amount of times that you will be seeing this hat this summer.  i love this hat! i got it just for a prop/at World Market on sale with danielle in mind, actually/and its cute/so im gonna use it/#justsaying

so because i know your going to see it again: let me just apologize now.

my dear friend danielle/besides being absolutely gorgeous/so kind/humble/an incredible singer/she is one of the funniest most outgoing & completely loving people i know as of late.

danielle often leads praise and worship at my church (because shes a dope singer: which you can hear for yourself later on in the post) so i knew her before she knew me/and although its only been a short time we’ve known eachother when im around her it never feels that way.

the very first day i met danielle: was at Plato’s Closet/after church/one Sunday/when ike and i were very very new.

danielle walked in and I said “hey aren’t you the girl that leads praise and worship at CFC??” and from those words we were instant friends: NO SERIOUSLY: she took us out to her car to meet her husband and introduced us as her new friends and we’ve been friends since/but real friends.

although i dont see danielle often/because like us/she and joe are out chasing their dreams/their purpose/the call that God has on their lives/the moments i get to spend with danielle are full of laughter/transparency/and intimate moments about our pasts and our deep desires for the future.

i adore this girl and am so thankful for her presence (albeit new) in my life. 

danielle came over last week to talk about her pregnancy/family session coming up (shes 7 months and you cant tell from the back) and we pulled out the camera.  i did some very basic/fun shots on our patio:

and ike tried some in our makeshift/bootleg/one day cool & functional studio/btw the room is totally a work in progress
and one last picture of danielle’s sweet baby bump: