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Ebony & Juan: are not together


but would be a very handsome couple!

First let me say…………. i have been editing my whole photog career (which is just short of 9 months) on a HP that is 6 years old.  Had no idea that my workflow was suffering UNTIL last night.  Isaiah and I took the leap (well I leaped, he’s been begging me to upgrade for months) to a imac—YES YES I switch over or back ( i used to be a mac) but I still am using old faithful (for example: right now as I type this). 

I did a shoot last night/edited in 30 minutes and am getting ready to get the pictures to them today!  AMAZING! I can’t believe!!!

So on to the deets about this HOT fake couple I created!

Did a Doug Gordon training early last week: wanted to practice and found this little honeydip with the most beautiful features and yummy skin.  She had a friend, foreign exchange from Spain–limited English speaking hottie, who in spite of the language barrier, did an incredible job and BOOM here are the images!

Ebony is the sweeeeeetest little thing and when she called me about images & i saw her beautiful face I couldnt resist!  Juan so quiet/shy & stoic did a fantastic job and isnt so bad his self.

Enjoy these images of these awesome folks: