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Its been 1 year!


Preface: blogger is acting crazy with the picture posts! Crazy.

Its been 1 year since I started this journey & about 8 months since Isaiah’s joined me.   If you’ve been following me/you know that Ive always wanted to be a photographer/since I was like 14 years old/but in high school the course was only for the elite kids so I figured that that was the case through life and did what everyone else did/went to college/graduated & went to college again.  So now I have 2 degrees, 10 years in the youth development field & all i want to do is be a photographer.

Last year when I realized/recieved and accepted my call from God/I spoke with two young families & asked if they would let me practice on them:  The Samuels & The Boyds!  They were so gracious and accepted & although I have grown leaps and bounds and learned so much in the last year/I still feel they were great sneak peeks of what God had more me, for us.

This year has been full of amazing new friendships/mentorships/life changing relationships. I know that my world is changed forever & things will never be the same.

Shout outs to: Kacey Luvi Pearson: my very first mentor & workshop provider. Doug Gordon: my second workshop/he taught me the value of being a photographer/the craft/the industry & how to give honor to those who came first. LaRae Lobdell: who has embraced me, taught me, encouraged me & loved me (taught me how to work with my spouse and appreciate it)–over time has become one of my closests friends & Im so thankful.  Mike Keo & Derek Gaumer: for the constant entertainment & encouragement/my brothers in Christ and this game called life & photography & Jim/Katarina Garner & Joe/Jill Hein: for your example/the path you have paved in this area & for taking a interest in Isaiah and I and taking the time to get to know us!

To hear some fun tips on what I did to get started visit: http://www.photosister.com/2010/06/interview-with-latasha-haynes-in.html

Now for those first blogs! I am happy to say that both clients have come back for more: You can check out the Boyd’s new family pictures in the August/July 2010 posts!

Stil so much to learn & my learning curve is so deep/but this a ride I love and Im going to keep on pressing on toward the goal!

The Samuels: I had the opportunity to do my first shoot with the Samuels family. What an incredible, sweet, God-fearing clan. I have know Shavonne for a few years! We worked together and hit it off instantly because of both of our love for the awesome God we share and serve. When I first decided to get serious about my photography I called Shavonne and asked if I could borrow her sweet little family.

Shavonne is gorgeous and Victor is as handsome as they come. Little Vic is simply adorable–so the three of them together and a perfect August afternoon makes for some fantastic pictures. Below are a few special moments we captured during our time together.

The Boyds:  I was so excited when Isabel told me she wanted pictures and more than enthusiastic to photograph this beautiful family. The Boyds were so much fun! Spending a few hours together I could tell how much Jason and Isabel loved their kids and how lucky Jabez and Tierrah were to have them for parents. The kids precious personalities came out as we played on the big toy and walked along the beach; Jabez’s sly smile and the way Tierrah’s eyes light up every time she saw something that was of interest to her. I saw Jason and Isabel rooted so deeply in their children. It was such a joy spending the morning with them… made me excited about my life with my husband and our lives together with our future children.