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The Arevalos!!!!!


I have known Jen for 5 years!  I cant believe it, as I write this post, that its really been that long.

When I worked for the B&GC (boys and girls club) we had a partnership with a local SBUX and they would give us their leftover pastries to serve to our kids during snack time.  I was the pastry pick up girl and every day I would pick up pastries in the morning and drop off pastry bins in the afternoon.

After months of doing this and seeing how fun the SBUX crew was I decided that I wanted to be apart of it/so Jen hired me && BOOMSAUCE (a j* term for all my photog friends) I had a handy green apron.  I would work at SBUX before my BGC job and then take the pastries with me when I left. To date, SBUX was one of the funnest places I ever worked and amazing friendships were developed and continue to grow from my time there!

While working at SBUX I was really in a weird place… had just graduated college/Christian college at that/had been home 6 months and really didnt have a church home.  Jen always encouraged me to study the word/learn the word/renew my mind around the word/she was && still is so on fire for the Lord!  She would invite me to church all the time and I would all the time say no–but she never gave up.  Life took us in different directions/I left BGC/Jen got her own store and over the years we would see each other in passing and hug and talk like we never lost touch.

In one of those seasons of connection, Jen was the first employer to hire one of my YouthBuilder’s for a job at Starbucks from cycle #1–so she has played very important roles at different times in my life.

5 years later–we have a camera and she needed family pictures and here we are again/reunited but this time there is a new member to her family: sweet little Chookie; as they so affectionately call him! Im so thankful to have Jen in my life.  The joy that shines through these images are exactly what you get in real life!  Jen thank you for being selfless, an incredible example of a servant leader with such an encouraging and undying love for Christ.

Check out a few awesome memories we made together && meet my amazing friend Jen & her awesome family below: