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David + Holly are married!


On July 31st, Isaiah and I  had the honor of shooting David + Holly’s wedding at Titlow Beach Park here in Tacoma, WA.

David and Holly came to us back in January, shortly after I got back from my training with my mentor & booked us on faith for their wedding.  Faith because he knew that we had just started out and had never shot any weddings/but hoped that we would practice up and be good enough to make his special day memorable.

They were married under a huge tree; the variety I have no idea, but beautiful nonetheless and reminiscent of their relationship.  David & Holly love nature/the outdoors and the tree symbolized all of that for them.  The sun shine high in the sky (making for some incredible images with amazing flare) and there was hardly a cloud in the sky.

Holly was absolutely stunning!  I couldn’t stop staring at her & David couldn’t stop either.  He smiled all day long.

the bride and groom opted for a “first look” moment: where the bride and groom take a few moments alone before the wedding to see each other for the first time versus waiting for the ceremony

David + Holly’s bridal party has been one of my favorites by far!  There was so much joy & I could tell they really cared deeply for the couple… one even flew all the way from Norway!  BTW, most of this bridal party are alumus of Pacific Lutheran University.  The college group picture at this wedding was huge!
getting ready for the big moment
a toast:

and a few quiet moments alone:

is she gorgeous?! I mean for real??!

Holly’s expression below still gives me goosebumps: those eyes say “LOVE” so clearly!
David + Holly decided to blend sand/signifying two new lives becoming one!

They did it!  They are married
She let me do a “fashion-y” pose on her! 
the rings which were made out of wood & precious metal/two things that last for eternity:

These two laugh more than any two people I know:
Congratulations David + Holly!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!