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Kai Asher


This shoot went absolutely nothing like I had planned.  I had spent hours the weekend before preparing for it. Buying props and planning out my mode of attack/but quickly upon arriving to the house and meeting baby Kai, I learned that I was running nothing.  After hours, two smoothies, some laughs, some frusturations, hugs from Aiden, and a few diaper changes I was completely exhausted and defeated.  I was scared and didnt want to look at the images and beating myself up over shooting babies.  “Babies are not for me.” I said.  This is too hard.  This shoot went nothing like I planned, but tonight after looking at these images.  The intimacy between family and new baby……… I am so glad, it went nothing like I planned. I am in love with this baby, this family, this thing called photography for the images below, alone.  This is exactly how this shoot was suppose to be and it was only after I stopped trying to hard that these happened.

Congratulations Joe and Danielle!  Thank you for allowing Isaiah and I to spend the day with you creating memories of for you and your sweet little family!
and a few of my favorite kid in the world:  BTW such a little helper that day! I loved it!
first family photo!  Monday September 6, 2010