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The beautiful Ghorley clan.


First there are about a million and one pictures/and I wish I could post them all…. but I am sure your thankful that I am not going to, so below are just a picture into our time together!

I have always loved Brandon, but not for the right reasons.  You see, Brandon can sing.  I mean, SAAAAAAAANG!  and I met him at a event that friend was hosting.  We had both heard about the other: The BGP (www.wearethebgp.com) and he had heard about Latasha Haynes Photography because we had a lot of the same friends.

I instantly loved what him and Brandon & Dustin were doing (members of the band) and asked if he would play at my birthday party!  He obliged which began a friendship of support through the arts!

Along with Brandon comes Allison, his amazingly beautiful and quiet storm of a wife & two precious and beautiful children.

I got the opportunity to do a experiential shoot with Brandon and his family.  Experiential Shoot: acting and being as though a camera isn’t there: basically a bit of posing, but naturally just letting things fall as the may (it kinda worked/until Evie wasnt into getting her clothes dirty).  Brandon had this idea of visiting his grandparents home in Spanaway and just hanging out with the kids reminiscing.  Brandon’s grandfather no longer lives there because he unfortunately passed away and Brandon hadn’t visited there in such a long time.  We brought milk and cookies to see if the kids would go wild (obvi I hinted above that it was a slight fail).  This shoot was one of my most favorite (is that a word?) shoots today simply because I felt like I got to be a part of something special, get to know Brandon and Allie on a deeper level and know them for them.

Simply I adore the Ghorley’s more than ever.  Brandon is a dynamic husband: i love the way he adores his wife, he gets it–and you can see it in the way he looks at her.  I love the way that both Allie & Brandon deal with their children.  There were so REAL LIFE moments that took place and they are both strong and involved parents.  To me they are an example, a pair that I aspire to be like, in love, in marriage and in family.

Thank you Brandon & Allie for calling me, for supporting Isaiah and I and for sharing your lives with us!

We adore you both!