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The Studio: Bridal Test Shoot: BTS

As I write this blog, all I can think about is the faithfulness of God.  God is faithful, plain and simple & if you are obedient to His call He will take you far beyond where you can think or imagine.
A little over a year ago, after losing my grandmother and struggling thru depression and anxiety- I received a word from God to follow my dreams and to pick up and learn my camera & 1 year and a few months later I am astounded by what God can do in your life if you just stop, get things in order and listen.
Not that Isaiah and I are the best photographers in the world.  Not that we are doing anything that is extraordinary, but today I can say that I am following my dreams and believing God every step of the way.
With support from my husband, supportive prayer warrior friends and a God who comes thru I have decided to quit my job.  A job that I have been doing with such joy for the last 4.5 years of my life to pursue, on faith, a passion and a love that has changed my life, healed me and brought me back from the curse of Satan.  This camera, this love, this passion has completely healed me.  Because of it I can say that I am free from anxiety, free from depression and full of hope and vision and can fully see the beauty in the world.
God has given me such a gift that I do not take for granted for one second & I hope through my faith and this gift that lives are changed.
All of this leads to this:
About a month ago, a friend of mine called with an idea of a shoot to build her port.  I took her idea and turned it into a full on, what some folks would call, test shoot!  This shoot involved, 1 hairstylist, 2 make-up artists, 2 photographers, 1 assistant and 8 models, a florist, a baker and a wedding planner who gave up their day for our vision.
The shoot was incredible and gave me the confidence I needed as a photographer to shoot brides and to practice areas I felt I was weak in.  Over the next couple of days, each of those models will be featured here on this blog!
One more thing, the shoot went so well, the owner of the studio has decided to let Isaiah and I in on the space–so we are now officially in a studio share and have a professional space to meet with and work with clients!  I am so excited about this new partnership with April Greer and the faithfulness of my amazing God, who once I gave up everything, gave me everything.
Special thanks to:  April, Isaiah, Kristal, Matt, Ivan, Junko, Anna, Christa, Mallory, Christina, Destinee, Melina, Cara, Jacqui, Paula, and Dawnet for their time that day and the really nice pizza delivery guy!
Hair: Kristal Locke
Make-up:  Cara Parks Frank & Anna Groves
Flowers: Paula Pritchard of Paisley Petals www.paisleypetals.com
Cake: Jacqui Ziebell of Jacquis Cakes www.jacquiscakes.com
Table Settings: Dawnet Davis of A Piece of Cake Weddings and Events www.apieceofcakeweddingsandevents.com
Photography: Latasha & Isaiah Haynes
Assistant: Melina Munkle
Studio: April Greer Studios, Tacoma
Music for the day provided by Fahren: www.fahrenj.com