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The Studio: Model: Christa Treat


Ok, let me start this blog off by saying… in modeling, many times acting also plays a role.  I state this because this beautiful women, recently married in April, was so gracious when we asked her to participate, and even more gracious when she realized she’d have a fake hubby!

Let me go on to say that both models are happily married to other people not pictured & let me also say that Matthew made an excellent prop for Christa during our shoot.  Thank you both Kristal Locke & Caleb Treat for allowing your spouses to act that day……….. those of you who know both couples, just pretend that this looks cool as you move through the images.

Because Christa was the newest newlywed, out of respect for her photographer (who is spectacular) and her AMAZING pictures, we wanted to do something completely opposite and keep it soft and ethereal…. fairytale-ish almost.

Christa is not only absolutely drop dead gorgeous but one of the funniest people I have had the joy of hanging with as of recent. It was so fun getting to know her and realizing all of our similarities: diet Coke, although she rocks Pepsi shoot day, Rihanna and Cheetos.

Christa-thank you so much for spending the day with us!  You are gorgeous girl and so much fun!


and one of my favorites… when the day was done: sweet reward:
Hair: Kristal Locke
Make-Up: Cara Parks Frank
Flowers: Paula Pritchard, Paisley Petals www.paisleypetals.com