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The Varsovia’s!


My dear friends Junko & Ivan called us up for their second annual photo shoot!  There really are no words to describe how much I truly love these two.  Junko has quickly become one of my very closest friends, my sister, who I can count on for almost anything and Ivan is one of the kindest most caring and funny people I know!  He is so hilarious and leaves me laughing to tears every time Im around him.

I love shooting Ivan & Junko because when I do well, I get a new camera!  Ok, well that’s probably not true, but seems to be trending nonetheless.  Last year, I did their shoot (one of my very first photo shoots with a Nikon d40.  That night Isaiah was so proud of me, that he upgraded me to a d90.  That d90 has brought me to this point & after another awesome shoot with them I have now been upgraded to a d700, full frame and fully professional & I can’t wait to show you what it can do!.

Ivan and Junko, thank you for being my personal good luck, true friends and so easy to photograph!  We love you both so very much!

P.S. It was so hard to narrow down our time together because we moved through downtown Seattle over two hours, playing eating toffee and considering beignets–but below is a quick overview of our time together!

my husband can be a creeper sometimes……..  below!

i love sun flare!! BOMB!

i love the fact that their personalities are soooo in these pictures!

and a few AMAZING pictures of Ivan that Isaiah took mano y mano.