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Sneak Peak: Shylo + Matt=Marriage!


I have know Shylo since I was very young.  We met back in middle school, growing up in the same church.  Over the years are lives have intertwined, but it wasn’t until recently that we really connected again, when Shylo announced she was getting married and wanted Isaiah & I to shoot the wedding.  We were absolutely honored and so blessed that she would want us to be the ones to capture her special day.

This wedding was unique because the weather man reported rain/so the outdoor wedding was moved inside.  About 1 hr before the ceremony, Shylo realized that her prayers had indeed WORKed & so the wedding was moved back outdoors.  The golf course in Lacey was the perfect backdrop for the fall wedding.  As the sun set, Shylo & Matt made it official and became husband and wife–and it was such a pleasure to witness it!  A sneak peek below:

  I love these sassy shoes and these gorgeous flowers!
 one of the best parts of the day, putting on the dress……
 Shylo is really close to her dad and wanted him to tie her bow as a sentimental gesture, it was really sweet to watch the two of them interact.
Isaiah got this really amazing natural expression out of Matt: so classic.
I love when a groom sees his bride for the first time, either coming up the aisle, in this case, or a first look!  Its so touching and there’s nothing like that expression.