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The Beckers


The Beckers are so special to me.  I met Arwen a few weeks over a year ago.  She was as friend of a friends and was having a girls night. I had no idea what I was getting myself into because I barely knew the friend who invited me, but the spirit told me to go and to enjoy myself, to stretch and to step out of my comfort zone.  Shortly after that event, one of those friends started a small girls group and asked both Arwen and myself to participate.  Over the next couple of months I really got to see what an incredible women Arwen is and totally fell in love.  Today, I can honestly say that Arwen is my family and that I love her to death.
Arwen came to me with the idea of a total musical photo shoot with their family, Randy & Arwen and their too cool 3 boys, so Isaiah and I went and shot a jam session at their new Warehouse in Auburn and below are the previews!

Also, if you are a band and need a space to practice, “The Warehouse” is a full service rehearsal studio. You can rent it for as little as $35 per hour.  You can contact Randy & Arwen at 425.830.6654 or email at Randy@fes-inc.com.