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The Ilar’s

This family is one of the sweetest I have had the absolute JOY of photography to date.  Their three girls completely and totally darling and parents who brought their own set of joy to the day.  Arceli, the queen of the clan had been trying for months to set up a photo date with me & we finally matched up our schedules to make it happen!  
The day ended gorgeous, and I remember being nervous as I journeyed North on 5 to meet them, hoping that I wouldnt disappoint her, since she had waited so long.  Hoping that her three little girls would like me and that I would capture them just right and hoping that the rain would hold off for both them and my afternoon shoot later that day in Tacoma.  All things went well and below are a few images from our time together.
These girls were so sweet it poured off of them.  They were enthused and so bright and I loved getting to talk to them.  They are a perfect reflection of their awesome parents & BONUS of the shoot: my very own snack bag with my favorite treats that they put together in a bad, the color red, another favorite! I love when I am blessed enough to shoot a family, but then for one to take the time to get to know me, priceless!!
Thank you Ilar family for your time and trust!!