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Like Mother, Like Son?! Kristina + Elijah


I know, I know.  I love my clients. You hear me talk about how amazing every single one of my clients is + I absolutely mean it.  They are kind + thoughtful + encouraging and care about me + Isaiah as people, not just as their photographers.  The next couple of posts are long overdue + I am so thankful, that as I sit in my friend’s studio in Salt Lake City, that I am getting all the time I need to finally catch up, but never once have these families been anything but graceful as they so patiently waited for their pictures as Isaiah + I transition our lives from full-time workers to full-time business owners… so yes,  I love my clients + they are the best + if you know any of them: which I’m sure many of you do, I am sure you will agree.
Kristina is NO different.  We planned our photo shoot for late September, but life happened and we had to reschedule.  Even in all of that Kristina has remained faithful to LHP + bragged about and promoted us before even having the opportunity to have her own shoot.  What an endorsement for our work to have someone who never shot with us love us so much.  She is so amazing and completely knows my love language, as she consistently send inspirational text messages and scriptures to encourage me + was so helpful to me as I transitioned out of my job last week.

The day of Kristina + Elijah’s shoot was long awaited but was TERRIBLY cold.  That’s the thing about the Northwest… the sun comes out and confuses things.  We were so excited about the sun + quickly realized how very cold it was.  We spent a few moments outside shooting + were able to pull out some really fun shoots in between hot chocolates + chatters, then we headed over to the studio + pulled out the backdrop for a few traditional untraditional shots.  Kristina is bad!  She easily has 50 pairs of incredible heels that I absolutely covet (especially since I haven’t been able to wear a high heel in about 14 months, but another story).   She wanted a few portraits with her amazing shoe collection–and as painful as it was to see all her shoes laid out, it was so fun!

and Elijah, one of the sweetest young men I have ever met.  His heart is like gold + he loves Jesus (its so much fun being around young kids who know the Lord + want to live for Him at such young ages).  Kristina has done an EXCELLENT job raising him + if he’s anything like her….  well, like mother , like son.

Check out a few images from our fun time together!