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Tamika is having a baby, or two, or three??!

I keep saying that my friend Tamika is carrying twins + although the doctor says there is only one little girl in there, I still stand behind my previous statement.
Tamika wanted to have maternity photos done + not that I claim to be the best at it, or even good at all–I was so excited to do them because I love Tamika so much + I know that I will get to watch these sweet little girls grow up.  So at 6 months to the day she came to the studio.
Now the studio is tough for me.  I would much rather be outside shooting, using God + humanity’s natural and man made backdrops + canvases, but it was really cold + has been really cold, so I have been forced to exercise my studio muscle.  I’m still weak + its still challenging, but people like Tamika make it fun and exciting– and push me to stretchhhhhhhh and get better.
I told Tamika to bring accessories because I felt that could be a fun addition to her shoot.  If you know Tamika at all, you know that she is a head-to-toe-bonafide-diva.  She pulled up with two suitcases + shopping bag.  I figured the suitcases were clothes and shoes and the bag would contain her accessories…… um no.  Her clothes were in her shopping bag and the two suitcases on wheels were full of this divas accessories in every texture, color, metal you could think of.
Tamika brings so much joy to everyone she knows and interacts with.  I have included two of my favorite picture below of Tamika doing what she does best: laughing.  I am so excited that she and her amazing husband, who is currently deployed serving our country, will get their very own guaranteed bundle of joy very soon!
Congrats Jermaine + Tamika…. below a sneak peek.