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I got PUNK’d in Utah + the Binders

Earlier this year… which really means, about 6 weeks ago, I got the opportunity to spend the week in Utah learning, hanging + assisting another photographer who’s work I have grown to love over the last year ( you will meet her in a few posts down the road).  While there I got the opportunity to hang with a childhood friend and fellow photographer (kaethejo.com).  It had been years since I’d seen Kaethe, in fact I’m not sure that years rightly justifies the length of time that it had been since I had last seen her.
Kaethe and I grew up together like 10 blocks from my childhood home, attending my elementary school, like shares the same memories of playground and grape licorice + popcorn Fridays and wacky, crazy, cooky teachers. When it was time to head to middle school, Kaethe’s family moved and I never saw or spoke to her again until about a year ago when we found eachother on Facebook (yet, again one more reason why social networking and Facebook rule).
It was so cool connecting wtith Kaethe online + then having all of that connecting come to a head with a visit to Utah. While there I had a opportunity to meet Kaethe’s family, her awesome husband and two sweet girls and become fully acquainted with all that Salt Lake City had to offer including this “funk” you can see in the picture below.  While in Utah I never saw the lake or the mountains because this nasty yellow funk of a pollution cloud hung just above the city the entire week.  Kaethe and I had planned a shoot prior to my visit + although COLD (I mean really cold, like 17 degrees) we went ahead and did it….
so the title of this blog says “I got PUNK’d in Utah” because I totally did.  This photo shoot lasted all of 12 minutes because my fingers became to cold for me to click my shutter down.  While Kaethe and her family were calm tolerating the cold….  I was physically freezing.  The kind of freezing that burns your fingers until they hurt.  Basically I ran to the car… set in the front seat with my fingers against the heat for the following 30 minutes.  What can I say, I’m a NW girl and entirely unprepared for that kind of cold.  The even sadder part…. I was wearing gloves.
Check out a few frames from our very short BUT fun funky smog and way to cold photo shoot!