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iron sharpens iron + Kristal does that for me.

The last year has been incredible for me.  It has been a year where I have pressed in and believed God’s word over and over about my life, a year where I have gone after all of the things that I know I can have in Jesus Name, a year where God has opened up a window and poured out a blessing that I did not and still don’t have room to receive AND one of those blessings for me is this girl below.
I had just booked a flight to Salt Lake City when I looked out my window and saw the most incredible warm and golden light.  I called Kristal in a hurry (because we were already planning on meeting up to discuss details for another photo shoot) and begged her to come over in like 10 minutes as I recall because I so desperately needed to shoot someone in that beautiful light.  Now I’m one of those photographers who have to study and work just a tad bit harder–so this impromptu shooting isnt the easiest for me.  I have to sit with and visualize things before I can fully bring it all to past.  Well, Kristal was a great sport for me that day. I was given an assignment by my good friend Stacy Young over at Three Winks Studios in Salt Lake City (www.threewinksstudio.com)  to practice and failed…. but still just enjoyed taking these pictures of my beautiful friend.
Kristal has the heart of gold.  She is a quiet leader who loves God and people.  Over the last couple of days I have had the opportunity to watch Kristal deal with and serve people.  People who are often overlooked and past over and she did it with such love and commitment, with the heart of Christ and challenged me to want to give more.  We all have so much—even in a “bad” economy.
Do you have a friend who challenges you to be better without even speaking a word?  Do you have a friend who’s heart you admire that you can’t get enough of hanging with them?  A friend that when you share your dreams and vision, their first response is what can I do to help make this happen??  Well, Kristal is my friend.  She always comes through for me and I know she will be standing by my side when God brings me to all that he has for me and I am so thankful.  If you don’t have a friend like that, you should really consider why because there is truly nothing like one.
I have been sitting on these pictures since early October… but after watching Kristal in action–I had to pull them out just so I could honor her  because I love her that much!
Happy Valentine’s Day!