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Jasmine: A Puyallup HS Senior + my Amerie look-a-like

Sweet sweet Jasmine with the kind heart and super incredible personality, stunningly gorgeous…. just absolutely beautiful and a little shy in front of the camera.  I had a great time kicking it with Jasmine on a sunny January afternoon in downtown Tacoma.  She and I and her crew, which consisted of her very helpful boyfriend, little sister and mom ran all over town as we spent a hour and a few minutes preparing to show the world what a star Jasmine is.
We hung at Tacoma’s famous garages, in a awesome antique yellow car + chilled at Wright Park.  It was cold but we had a blast!  The whole time I was shooting Jasmine I kept recalling a face that was so familiar, but it was my first time meeting her so I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  When I got home, one of Amerie’s songs came on and BAM!! that’s who it was.  I have taken the liberty of showing you who Amerie is//ironically one of Isaiah’s favorite female singers and a beauty for sure.  Amerie is most definitely Jasmine’s doppleganger.
Enjoy a few images from our time together below!!
and a few frames of Jasmine with her awesome boyfriend + my assistant for the day Carlos.
and Jasmine’s twin courtesy of Google image, recording artist Amerie (also Isaiah’s major crush before he met me, of course :)).