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Mobile Mondays {first post}


Its Mobile Monday!!!  What’s that you ask????  Its the one day a week where every picture on this blog will be from my trusty iPhone!  I thought this was a great idea and when I visited  my friend Susan Choi’s blog www.sphotographylife.com}, another fantastic photographer based out of the Seattle area,  and saw that she was doing this I immediately asked if I could borrow her idea.  Its amazing what technology has allowed and there are people who dedicate whole albums to pictures they take from their phones.  I’m not quite the iphonetographer that others claim to be BUT I think its cool the images I can create from my silly little telephone–so from now on EVERY Monday will be dedicated to my sweet little mobile phone.

I remember when I used to dread Mondays.  I used to get sick to my stomach when I had to think about waking up and going thru another 5 days at a job that I loved but dreaded being at.  All I wanted was freedom from monotony and politics and the opportunity to be creative and to use my time in a way that was valuable not only to me but to others.  I wanted to smile when I thought about Mondays and the possibilites that came from starting a new week doing something that you love.  For the last 10 Mondays… I have been able to do that and its been totally life changing.  This particular Monday comes with its own joys.  I’m off of a fantastic conference my church hosted that got me spiritually filled and on fire (caseytreat.com) and I am looking forward to girls night dinner and the Stellar Awards w/some pretty extraordinary woman.  My dear friend Fahren (fahrenj.com) got the opportunity to showcase at one of the pre-Stellar Award parties and I got the even better opportunity of accompany her to Nashville earlier this year.  The Stellars for me was a time I will never forget.  It was amazing to worship with other believers in the most pure way and to meet artist & photograph artists who I had admired for some time and then those who I had never met.  I came home with a renewed faith, a ton of new contacts, new friendships and amazing photographs (in which I hope to share with you here later this week).  Fahren, Deborah (my friend and her manager) and I have been waiting months for the Stellars to come on television so that we could remininsce and laugh and even cry.  Well, last week they came on and tonight is the night!!  I love Mondays and I look forward to sharing more of them with you!  Until next time… XOXOXO