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The Cattarin’s + 36hrs in Denver


I LOVE the Cattarins + I LOVEEEE Denver.  I got the opportunity to see + hang out and with both of those loves a little over 2 weeks ago when I spent just over 24hrs in Denver doing the Cattarin’s marathon maternity session.  The Cattarin’s will be welcoming there sweet baby girl into the world next month and I CANNOT wait.  These two love God and love people and they are going to make the perfect parents for their sweet little bundle of joy!  I never really knew Stefan or Sarah when they lived here in WA.  I knew of them since Stefan was pretty well known at my church, leading the youth as youth pastor + Sarah and I share tons of mutally awesome girlfriends–but our sails def missed eachother over the short time that we started attending and they were transitioning out.  For weeks Stefan joked around on Facebook about flying me to Denver to shoot their session and I joked back as though it would NEVER happen.  Imagine my excitement when I realized that they weren’t playing and really wanted to fly me to Denver to shoot!  It was amazing!!
This is the first time I have ever shot in a location I have never been before and for  about 7hrs so HOPEFULLY this will all flow just right. I love the different locations and outfits that Stefan and Sarah choose to wear and I hope that by looking thru these pictures you can get a quick insight into the personalities of this AWESOME couple!!!  Below a sampling of our marathon scavenger hunt thru Denver!  Show love if you like what you see!!