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We came, We saw, We conquered! WPPI 2011: Las Vegas, NV


WPPI was a amazing experience + I would encourage every photographer to experience it AT LEAST once. I heard rumors about what to expect, that it would be clique-y, that I would likely hate it… but I am so thankful I went there with a attitude to learn and to experience without preconcieved notions, because I recieved SO much out it.

My TOP 7 lessons:

1.) Things are always as they seem, in both directions.  Photographers who are very well know can be nice, while others are not, but you still be you in every situation and in every circumstance… because there is a new uprising of photogs and you never know who’s next.

2.) the best speakers and platform classes happen in between the classes and actual platform classes, when your fellowshipping with other photographers around the country, sharing your experiences, your trials and errors over $20 single scoop ice cream cones from Haagan Daaz.  Vegas is SO expensive.

3.) learn to type fast: so that you miss nothing.  I brought my Mac book everywhere and felt like a court reporter, but when I came home I was so thankful.  There would have been no way if I’d written my notes would have made sense and I probably would have recalled very little.

4.) SOW.  If you want your business to grow and be successful, help someone else’s business grow and be successful.

5.) They are only pictures.  Life goes on.  Live it. They are pictures.

6.) Be nice to people and networking still matters.  There were many people who I met, that I didn’t realize were as “important” as they were until I did a Google search upon coming home…. WOW! (you never know who your talking to).

7.) No one can do what you do the way you do it–so study and learn and try to be the best that you can be.  Don’t compare yourself up OR down. If you think someone is better than you, then you probably think someone is worse than you & since this is ministry for me–that whole thing really checked me/ but not a lesson I recieved in Vegas/ a lesson I recieved at my church and it reigns true.  I compare myself to MYSELF and no one else because I was made to do this like no one else!

Happy Sunday!