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The 2012 LHP Senior Model Street Team Members are……


Its been a while since I’ve had to pick someone for a team.  Do you remember those days- where your teacher let you be the one to pick the chooser for “Heads Up 7 Up” or being the person who gets to captain the team for kickball picking the strongest players to help you win and get ahead of the game–well seriously, the last time I chose someone was when I hired the last employee for my old job–so having to choose from nearly 30 applications which AMAZING seniors would represent the LHP brand best was so tough.  The goal: to choose 8 young people all from different schools with different interest who represent all that our brand stands for.  Every night before bed for 3 weeks I resolved to sit and read thru the applications but as we approached this week it got harder and harder.  Finally, Isaiah myself and parts of our hair,  makeup, and styling team set down on Sunday and discussed and debated and finally narrowed down our choices.  This was NOT easy by any means and only after really thinking about all of the things we were looking for both big and small were we able to come up with the list below!

Thank you all so much for applying-if it were up to me and our finances matched our vision RIGHT NOW-we would have all of you because you are all talented and worth representing any brand!  Thank you for wanting to be a part of what we are doing and CONGRATULATIONS to the amazing 12 who are going to be the voice on the streets- our own personal street team!  We are so looking forward to meeting you & sharing our vision and dreams with you.

Stay tuned put a face with the name over the next couple of weeks & follow their journey with us as we help each other dream big!



SN: Unfortunately, this photographer doesn’t know how to count & my dear Tasha was omitted from the first post.  It was a late night when I was working on this post & it was so tough getting all of the names to fit on this small s 3×3.  So sorry Miss Tasha and congratulations!  SO glad to have you on the team!