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The Gustaffson’s: a super cute family!


I am so thankful to this and for this family and who they are.  The amazing example of love that they showed Isaiah and I during their session and the complete outpouring of love they have shown us since we started our business.  In some ways, they have been as big a part of growing LHP as Isaiah and I have- creating the visual image of our business that has become both recognizable in our local community and afar.
When I first came back from my mentorship with my mentor last January 2010- I was so excited because I has my first real logo.  We had talked and worked and worked on coming up with what we felt was the very perfect image to describe our business- that little camera with the heart has carried to this very moment, full circle.  If you have followed our work- you have seen 3 logos since we first started shooting back in October 2009- one my creation, one a collaboration of my mentor and I and most recently the one that graces all of our images- a buffed up, mature version that Sig created for us.  When Isaiah joined the business I felt like our logo was just a tad bit too girly and didn’t reflect the husband/wife team that we now are- so BOOM- the new and improved version.  I am so thankful for Sig and his sweet wife and precious kids.  I am so thankful for their gifting and their support and I am so thank for a logo that I can stand behind and believe in and none of this would have been possible without them!

Both Sig and Megan are graduates of the University of Washington- they love their alma mater and wanted to come back to it to have their very first family picture.  The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, which means so was the quad- full of photographers, students and enthusiast enjoying the campus at its best- we were among them as we started our session!  Challenging at times, I loved shooting this family because it taught me to think on my toes, to be quick and to be more documentary like in my shooting style- with twin boys who are active, my high fashion editorial style that is often reflected in our work- wasn’t going to work- either way- I am so pleased with how these images turned out and hope they are special memories for Sig and Megan of a really important time in their lives.

After 12 M&Ms, a few tire rolls about 10 hugs, 1 fall in the mud, 1 hang out in the tree and a potential diaper change, below is a beautiful family that I am honored to know.  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

If you are interested in getting a hold of Sig for your branding or website needs you can contact him here: sigurdgustafsson@hotmail.com – he absolutely does NOT disappoint!