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They’re Engaged: Cesar + Priscilla are getting married… July 2011


You wanna talk about a couple so sweet they give you a toothache?! They’re names are Cesar and Priscilla and they are below!  We met Cesar and Priscilla earlier last year thru many mutual friends and they hired us to shoot their wedding.  From the instant we met- we knew we liked them and they became instant friends.
Priscilla is so kind, thoughtful and caring, texting me regularly to commend me or compliment Ike on his latest video and Cesar is no different and his love for Priscilla is a example any future husband could and should follow.

Along their journey together Priscilla has been compling a book of firsts- their first outing out, their first official date, the first time she cooked for him complete with the actual recipe and pictures of their first meal.  To these two their love matters and they want a record of the whole thing!  They are sentimental and thoughtful of eachother and in the moves they make in their love.

We started our session at the river.  The river is special to them because Cesar is a fisherman and loves fishing and it was one of the first places they ever took pictures and spent time together.  They frequent the river often to fish, to walk, to enjoy nature.  Priscilla mentioned she loved the solitude of the river and that it meant so much to them.  On our walk to the river I could tell the value that particular location held for them and although I might have almost broke my neck trying to shoot them on the banks, it was worth it to make them happy.

We finished our session, catching the last little bit of light, in downtown Seattle.  Although this couple loves the quiet that their special river spot brings to them they can definitely  turn up the heat in the city.  Seattle represents life and culture, excitement, full of bright colors and people, capturing the two parts of their life was important to them.  I loved our time in downtown Seattle, particularly when I convinced them to break into a lil salsa down in the Pike Place Market.

Needless to say, Isaiah and I are thrilled we get to spend the wedding day hanging with these two and are honored that they chose us!  Below a little somethin something from our time together!

MUA: Isabel Boyd  (and can we talk about the way Isabel makes Priscilla’s eyes POP??! Hello?!)

Congrats Cesar + Priscilla!!!

and when we turrrrrrned up the heattttt! HOLLA.  Sidenote: I love the way Priscilla looks at Cesar.  It literally makes my heart melt.