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Mobile Monday!


Its Mobile Monday…..

and whats fun is that LIFE IS CRAZY!!  BUT last week I got to pause for a bit to  get excited about a box from Black River Imaging featuring their NEW NEW NEW specialty shaped Metal Prints!!  Whaaaa?!  If you know me you know I love four things, God, My husband, Ginger Ale and Metal Prints in that order.  These metal prints are amazing and there are 4 different surface options: Metallic Fade in both gloss and matte finish + Vibrance in both gloss and matte finish.  You can choose from 30 different designs ranging from circles, a camera shape, a heart to a dog bone.  Its really amazing.  I love Black River Imaging and use them for all of our custom print orders including our Wall Art pieces to our proof books, they have been amazing and their customer service is exceptional!  I am putting in my order tonight for custom shaped metal prints and cannot wait.

delivered our first 8×8 press printed album to one of our favorite seniors this week- below her reaction after recieving…  note: these are completely natural and unposed shots! 😉

had the opportunity to photograph Life Center Tacoma’s first Women’s Event called “She Soiree” Friday night and it was incredible!!!  They had me + a glam bar, lots of yummy treats, cupcakes, a arielist (sp?)  and Dawkins and Dawkins!  They seriously spared no expense for the ladies of their congregation and the event was incredible- it was a honor to be a part. 500 women plus showed up to the event with special guest Eileen Hunter from Baton Rogue LA.  It was amazing the outreach and one of my favorite parts of the event: a special lounge for military wives…. *sigh* so sweet!

spent a little bit of time celebrating one of my favorite seniors and one of our favorite families…. love pomp and circumstance and love seeing high school seniors step into all that God has for them.

a little bit of nail polish and late night partying with some of my favorite girls for a friend’s birthday…. I think Im still tired actually.  Shout out to Krystle for painting my nails a really amazing sparkly pink!   Thats a true friend

hanging and fellowshipping with another amazing photographer…. Keri Doolittle.  If you dont know who she is, look her up for sure… but in the mean time.  keridoolittlephotography.com  I seriously adore her alreadddddy.
churrrch and hanging with my best friends.
sweet baby boys who laugh and smile when they see a flash!
shooting accessories for DTE… before the official launch: dotheextraordinary.com
and planning for a bright future with the 12 amazing juniors below…  more coming soon!   Happy Monday