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Mobile Monday- graduations, BBQs and new lens, oh my?!


Its getting to that time of year where I start to feel like I can’t keep up.  Anyone else know what I’m talking about?  There is so much brewing, so much of the vision coming to pass- so much that I want to do, I can’t even find the time to update my google calendar.   Last week was a small sample of  how crazy this summer is truly going to get.   Isaiah and I had something to do, somewhere to be and someone to see every day/night last week on top of running our little homegrown business, keeping up our relationships, going to our day jobs (or his day job) and moving, oh and it was Memorial Day weekend which meant celebrations and family and BBQs.

Its so hard being pulled in so many directions- and I am a perfectionist- so I hate feeling less thaen, but that is where the grace of the sweet Lord comes in and we forge ahead.

Last week- as  mentioned in my Friday MM post- we moved into the cutest little gingerbread house.  It’s actually a duplex- kinda two houses or living spaces combined to make for really amazing and cheap rent- but its 200 sq ft bigger, $300 cheaper and perfect for my little family of 2- and all the gatherings, parties and clients I love to host, entertain and have over.  It was the sweetest sound to hear kids running around the house, complete with a front and back yard- and to have a few friends over last week who could truly put their feet up without fear of touching someone elses.  I am thankful for the blessings and favor of God and for this little treasure we found here in Tacoma.

Around these parts its prom and graduation- and Isaiah and I have pledge to attend every graduation, grad party of any LHP grad that we could possibly make a reality for our schedule and those started last week.  We got the joy of watching our seniors Jordan and Kayla graduate from Christian Faith Schools in Federal Way, and hug on a few other seniors who we absolutely adore.  We also got the chance to send one of our seniors, Aubreeana and her friends off to prom- a little pre prom photo session!  It was a blast and something I would love to do more of- so if your interested in having a photog pre-funk your school dance- hit us up via email at photomelatasha@gmail.com.

SN: At Christian Faith Schools- they make memory boards so friends and family can walk around and get a better picture of each graduating senior- seriously the BEST feeling to see your work proudly on display by your client.  I loved it!  Made my day!

We have been having the most spectacular weather in the NW… so you know that that means, flank steak at the Haynes straight off the grill!

a few really fun treats this week: 1.) i got to fill up my entire gas tank- first time since I was employed by someone else……  small victories

2.)  a trunk full of ginger ale for a house warming gift, yes please!!  thank you Cole’s for stopping by and being so generous!  (if you follow me on FB you know Im obsessed with the ale of ginger.)

Sunday morning walk with my love, after church to scout locations for a epic shoot with our boys from the amazing band The BGP: check them out on itunes and a few other places, but I’ll share that with you another time- www.wearethebgp.com… btw, contrary to popular belief my city, TACOMA, is VERY cool! Check out these supremely legit locations to funk out!  I’m sayin. Who knows maybe we will shoot you in one of them??!

Its been months since we added anything exciting to the arsenal- this week we added a 35 2.0  and its been BOMB!  Ill show you how it performs when I post The BGP blog- the lens was used exclusively for that shoot!

Also, my dear friend Molly just wrote a book to help aid with child trafficking: It’s called “Caged.”  Fact: its one of the best novel’s I have ever read- could not put it down and you MUST have it. I will be buying 10+ copies and gifting them to everyone I love.   I’ll keep you posted on where to get it when its available.

and a few extras: sweet Aubree with her prom date holding my gift: ginger ale and a picture courtesy of Brandon Ghorley of the BGP of Isaiah and I!  I love it!

Thank you so much for coming back and reading this from week to week!  Love to you!