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Just the two of us: Jessica + Micah, {Tacoma Family Photographer, Tacoma WA}


I had the joy of recently, well, if January is recently, snapping some tender moments of my cousin Jessica with her sweet son Micah in Tacoma’s well known centrally located Wright Park.  Normally, I would want my turn around time to be much quicker THEN this, but thankfully she’s my family and extended grace, and since our current weather MOSTLY matches what it feels like outside today, it kinda makes sense to post.
I have watched Jessica grow SO much since Micah has been born.  In a time when many young people are shucking the responsibility of being parents to their children for a MORE fun and exciting life, I have watched Jessica dive into motherhood and make decisions and choices for her son that are beyond her years.   She honors him so much and thru his laughter, hugs and kisses- I know that he adores her.

I loved watching my cousin interact with her sweet son and felt so happy to be able to bless them with their first family pictures.  It took a while, but what a sweet reward!

Jessica- I am so proud of you and Isaiah and I love you so much!  we got YO back!