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the birds + the bees: a stylized baby shower {Redmond, WA Portrait Photographer}


There are few things I remember about life, but one thing that always has and always will stand out to me is people.  People are important to me and I value my relationships.
When I was in 2nd grade, I met this beautiful blond girl named Stephanie.  She and I shared the same 2nd and 4th grade teachers, and over the course of those three years became great friends.  When 5th grade came around, Stephanie disappeared never to be seen again.  I thought about Stephanie a lot over the years,  along with other classmates who had made a strong impression in the beginning of my life.  In the past, you would have never re-connected with the friendships of your youth, until Facebook.  I love Facebook because it does something for my generation that has never been done before- well I am sure when the telephone was created, and the train tracks and airplanes, life was changed- but Facebook allows you to connect and live your life with people all over the world more intimately.

A few years ago while searching Facebook…. I typed in Stephanie’s name and voila- there she was, a teacher in New York.  Who knew??!  I instantly sent her a friend request and BOOM, for the last three years we have been plotting to reconnect and Sunday, at a little sweet baby shower for her best friend, we did.  Nearly 15 years have passed, and because of Facebook, it is like it was yesterday.

Stephanie encouraged her sweet best friend’s mom to hire a pro-photog for her very best friend’s baby shower and of course I was absolutely thrilled when she called us.  Normally, we wouldn’t take a job like this, unless it was for a close friend or family member, but for the chance to re-connect- I was more than willing…. remember, I love relationship!!!  When Stephanie told me all the sweet details and effort she put into this shower I was thrilled and excited.

When I got there and saw all of the work she did, I immediately enlisted her for our baby shower….. in 20 years.

Below- the results of Stephanie’s hard work as they prepare to welcome baby Mathew!

Flowers: West Seattle Farmer’s Market

Macaroons: Bakery Nouveau

Birds + Bees: handmade by Stephanie out of felt and layered with bows

Pom Poms: Esty: Haley Hilton

Birdhouses: craft store hand-painted by Stephanie

Frames: Ikea and then scrapbooked

Stencils for birds w/ribbons + tree: World Market

Onesies: online

Onesies Supplies: Michaels + Urban Craft Uprising

Pennants + Bunting: handmade by Stephanie

Props for photo booth: Etsy

Chalkboards for photo booth: handmade by Stephanie

Tags for candy bar: Etsy

Cupcakes for candy bar: Hillcrest Bakery

Candy sticks for candy bar: Michaels

Retro candy for candy bar: Atomic Boys

Favors: Beehive candles: Beau-Coup

Mirror: Ikea + design and hand made by Stephanie

Vases for flowers: tea cans