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Candy + Branden: Married {Environmental Services Building, University Place WA}


There are so many things I love about photography and I could probably list them here for the rest of the day, but some of my favorite work that we have done this year has been our weddings.  Weddings are so fun because you get to see LOVE at its very best.  You get to share such a special moment with friends (yes friends, our bride and grooms are so wondeful that we couldn’t hink of them being anything else) and you get to reminisence on all the reasons, if your married and in this business, that you chose are significant other. I often come away on a high, joyful, thankful and just FULL because the food is SO darn good.
I love Branden and Candy no less.  These two are more special to me because Candy and I went to high school together. It was her older sister who was a part of the team that decided I was good enough to be a cheerleader and it was our common love for everything Abes that made our consultation so fun.  We spent most of the time discussing high school before we realized our poor men were bored and we should likely stay on task.  Branden and Candy had already made a life together, their sweet family of 5 and were ready to make it “official.”  They were married July 30th at the Environmental Services Building in University Place, WA.

There wedding was a beautiful day, full of reunions and close friends and family, smiles, tears and very bright sun.  Hands down this wedding was dance central USA and one of the only weddings this summer where EVERY single guest danced on the dance floor.

We are so excited for Branden and Candy and can’t wait to watch their love GROW GROW GROW.

Congrats you two!