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Mobile Monday: Laborrrr Day Edition


Happy Labor Day everyone!  Hopefully you spent your day enjoying family, relaxing, getting caught up or whatever it is that you would live to use a extra day for.  Around these parts we did all of that. It was so fun feeling like we had a day off from life.  We watched movies, hung with our cousin Elijah who is getting ready to deploy to Iraq and just enjoyed time taking to and catching up with our friends.  The last 3 weeks we have had people in and out of our house and it was just the dose of balance I needed to realize how much I miss my friends and enjoy the company of people more than Lightroom and Photoshop.  As a result, this week I will not be taking one picture and I am excited by that.  Even your gift you can become prisoner too if your not careful.  So I am spending time getting caught up and sowing into other people’s vision and I am excited about it.

Some good news this week:  Do The Extraordinary, the inspiration apparel line Ike and I shot for earlier this spring just launched their new accessories line and website.  This project was a total labor of love and a huge boost of confidence for us in our first year of business.  We got to dip our toesies in a bit of commercial work and work with our friends towards their dreams and we were happy to do it.  Please please please support our friends by checking out their website, following them on Facebook and keeping up with them on twitter.  The web address is dotheextraordinary.com or you can be lazy like me and just click the link above.  There are MORE MORE MORE coming from them so stay tuned as they launch their fashion line later this fall.

Our wedding season is winding down.  This last weekend we had the opportunity to shoot one of the most creative weddings we have ever booked.  It was a theatre wedding with actors and SO so entertaining and fun.  Every portion of their wedding was planned out and kept with the theme of entertaining their guest.  It was so amazing to see the ideas come to life and we were so excited to be there.  It was challenging to shoot because it was in a theatre and the reception in a black box theatre… really forced us to flex our photographic muscles but we came out alive and so much stronger because of it.  We are so excited to share that wedding with you in the coming months and are thrilled that the couple hired us.  We are 1 wedding away from closing our 2011 season and are currently booking for 2012. If you know anyone getting married that might be a great fit for us, you know what to do!

Our senior work is picking up and we are loving it!  Last week was brilliant in the NW and we had so much fun getting “golden hour” every single day. It felt like California.  I love our seniors and we look so forward to working with and meeting some new ones this year!

Had the most amazing coffee this week at Metronome….  then followed up the rest of the days drinking out of my trust 24-70 2.8 Nikkor glass lens.

Got to see and hang with one of our 2011 seniors.  We love when they come back for visits!!  Also FINALLY packed up the air mattress, no visitors for a while.  🙁

working on some exciting projects with a friend and I am so thankful for the NEW things God has placed at my/our hands.  We are loving the opportunity to step away from LHP to sow into and experiment in other areas.  As things grow and transpire I will share them here!

Hello Kitty overload??!  Is she still cool?  Who knew.  Finally got Adele’s CD.  Thank you Pandora…. been listening to her non-stop in between,  Beyonce’s 4,  Melinda Watts, Tiffany Stanley,  Women of Faith and Keri Hilson.  Crazy combo right??  Yeah well.

Isaiah got a hat this week from his job.  He looks like Tiger Woods in hats.  I want him to give it back. LOL

Shine Baby!  Remember my friend Melinda who was here doing the Dream Girlz Gathering.  Well, we are totally selling these AWESOME “Shine Baby” shirts based on scripture Matthew 5:16- hit me up if you want one!  They are so cute and have the BEST message.  Also follow the Dream Girlz Movement on Facebook here or twitter here.  Below, the Shine Baby tee modeled by the beautiful Fahren.

Oh and we got stickers, which totally legitimizes us, especially when we end up on a guitar case.

Can you believe gas is almost 100.00 to fill up??  sad sad sad day.

This is probably the most random out there MM post everrrr, but I’m tired so………………… I guess this is what I got.

All in all, I am so excited about what God is doing in our lives and I am looking forward to finding balance in our lives. I know its right around the corner.

We love you all and we appreciate your commitment to us, coming back week after week to see our work and to hear our voice!

Until next time,