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The Ajani’s: 7 years and 1 little miracle {Family Portrait Photographer, Tacoma WA}


It seems like we had been planning this session forever!!  Khush contacted me in late Spring to reserve her spot of August 6th, a special day for her family, which every year marks a important milestone, their wedding anniversary, this year marking 7 years.  She had the session all planned- they would meet me at a park in Tacoma, in traditional cultural attire that I saw her in earlier this year at church for one of our services, and then switch into a more traditional American outfit.  Khush is from Maritius, a beautiful tiny island in Africa that I hope to visit one day.
She explained the origin of the outfits for me:

My outfit is a “salwaar cameez” and it is what most Pakistani and muslim ladies wear. Hindu women prefer it at times over the “saree” for comfort reasons but they mainly stick to the saree. The men’s version of the salwaar cameez is the “Kurta” which Tywan and Rohan are both wearing.

I suggested that we meet at Wright Park because it was close to my house and would allow for a easy outfit change and Khush excitedly agreed.  Wright Park is very special to her family.  When booking the session I didnt know why, but a few weeks later she sent me this email to share with you.  These family photos mean something BIG to Khush and Tywan.  Not only do they celebrate their 7 years of love, but the miracle that is their baby boy Rowan.  I thought about trying to share her story, but she did it so well, so I have included the email.  Congrats on 7 years of marriage you two and a beautiful baby boy to go with it!


Khush’s story:

Ty and I got married 7 years ago and we met 7 years and 8 months ago 🙂

In 2005, I was unexpectedly pregnant but suffered an ectopic pregnancy, which ruptured my right tube with the baby in it, who was about 7 weeks old.
Not only did that experience mark us for life as I nearly died and we lost our baby, but we didn’t know that it would affect our future pregnancy.

In 2008 we felt that it was time to try for another baby. We were very joyful and looking forward to becoming parents. In my 24th week of pregnancy, I was told that my body was forming antibodies against the baby I was carrying. This was because the hospital where I was hospitalized in 2005 failed to give me a shot, that is normally given to RH – negative patients who are either pregnant, or who have received a blood transfusion or had internal bleeding. In my case,I had all 3. But somehow, they forgot to give me that shot, called “Rogham.”

From my 24th week of pregnancy onward, I had to visit the doctor’s office twice a week while having a full-time job. Once to see a Perinatologist and once to see my ob-gyn.. Thank God for favor with my boss who told me that my baby is more important than anything in the world 🙂  On Aug 26th, during my ob-gyn visit in Pearl Place Midwives in Tacoma, my ob-gyn told me that I was in labor! She also said that the baby is not responding very well to even the little contractions I was having.  Long story short, I left for work at 7 am on Aug 26 and ended giving birth to the most beautiful child I had ever seen (although I’m severely biased, lol) shortly after 5pm at St. Francis.  Our son came out physically very weak with barely a little cry and was immediately transported to the the level 3 NICU at Tacoma General. Ty went with him and I stayed for c-section recovery at St. Joseph.

Tywan stayed up all night holding his little hand and praying, sometimes in English but mainly in tongues. Trust me when you are done saying Lord please save my child, there is nothing else you know to say in English 🙂 Rohan, which means “fragrance to God as sandalwood or incense burning for God” stayed for 37 days at Tacoma General and was discharged on my birthday (9/30)  Throughout those 37 days we had several ups and downs, but we always felt Jesus right next to us. Miraculously, Rohan didn’t have any surgery performed on him, no blood transfusion and zero brain damage which are all common for RH-sensitized babies.

Tywan and I would often take breaks from caring for Rohan in the NICU to take a walk in Wright’s Park where we would find ourselves sometimes complaining, sometimes worshipping. Ha! But the fickle nature of man does not surprise Jesus and He always comes through because He is the good shepherd and never abandons His hurting sheep. If anything we felt His presence more than ever. Moreover, neither families on either side came to see Rohan because both Ty and I have been ostracized from our blood relatives for being Christians. But how would we have survived this without Christ? That’s why we would rather have Christ and have no one else than have all the relationships in the world but no Christ.

Our story, as well as many other children of God’s stories, show that:
“The  Lord’s people may suffer a lot, but He will always bring them safely through.” (Psalm 34:19 CEV)