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Misfit Tour Seattle 2011 Recap, Christian Faith Center {Tacoma Event Photographer}


The Misfit Tour stopped in Seattle early last week and it was incredible for a multitude of reasons.
1.) The message and movement was absolutely incredible.  The Misfit Tour.  Being a Misfit for God.  Being so uncomfortable in this world that you can’t even find a place.  That your uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable with the status quo.  Walking out the life of Christ, as closely as possible, because Christ was a Misfit.  He didn’t fit into this world and He didnt want to.  The whole tour was created based around a book written by Chris Durso called “Dealing with Our God-Given Discomfort” and the scripture from the best book, the Bible:  1 Corinthians 4:10MSG “We are the Messiah’s Misfits!”  In the book, Durso talks about following the greatest Misfit of all time, Christ and how to make choices that are world and life changing admist the pressure of society.  How to stand out when its so easy to fit in.  His message that night was powerful, encouraging and uplifting and made me want to go, even more, for all the things God has put inside of me, even if it means standing alone.  Take a AWESOME book with a dynamic message, and add talented artists, not only do you get a CD, which you can purchase on iTunes right now!  You also get a pretty DOPE national tour!

2.) The artist line up was amazing, starting with local talent:  The Watson’s, Blaze, Willie Will and my dear friend Fahren, followed by Sean Simmonds, B.Reith, Oraia Speaks, Ambassador, DA Truth, and one of my very personal favorites Mali Music.  There is NOTHING like getting a bunch of talented people in a perfect venue to kill the stage for a AWESOME Creator.

3.) I was asked to photograph it and it was special to me because earlier this year, when attending the Stellar Awards 2011 in Nashville, TN with my friend Fahren, I had the opportunity to photograph many of these artists for the first time.  I didn’t know that I could ever really LOVE or enjoy event photography, and that little “feet wettings” so to speak in Nashville was so much fun, this Misfit Tour definitely confirmed my passion for concert photography.  After shooting the tour I was so excited.  There is something about using my gift to capture someone using their gift to capture someone.  I love worship. I love capturing worship and I love using my gift to worship and shooting concerts just brings out a whole nother (totally improper grammar) side of me.  It is the coolest feeling to be able to SHOW God through these artists and it doesn’t hurt that I absolutely adore all of their music, which brings me to my next point.

4.) Mali.  Mali is one of my favorite artists in the world.  He ranks right up there where Beyonce would have been and where people like Fred Hammond, Brooke Fraser and Adele and the like, sit.  I have in the last 10 months had the opportunity to photograph him twice and can you believe, as many times as I have been in front of him, I have never spoken or reached out??!  Isn’t that hilarious??!  He is so talented, humble and gracious and His anointing is powerful.  He ushers the spirit in and transforms the atmosphere.  It is so cool to be able to photograph someone who’s work you admire and I am so honored and thankful for the opportunity.  Shameless plug on behalf:  Mali is going to be feature on 106th and Park tonight.  You should check him out.  The show airs at 6p in your respective time zones on the BET Network.

Pick up all of these artists music on iTunes.  Support the Misfit movement by attending the tour in a city near you!  For more info check out the page here: http://misfittour.net/

I know its been forever since I blogged.  I promise I have so much new stuff for you its going to blow your mind.  Thank you for your grace and continued support as we work through this season!