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Baby Haynes Happenings: A girl or a boy?


If I haven’t learned the lesson time and time again…. one thing that I am realizing more than ever is that I am, we are not in control of anything.  That life happens the way it should and all we can do is decide how we are going to respond to it.  This pregnancy is no different.  As I come to terms with the fact that in another 10 weeks our baby’s gender will be available for the knowing and that no amount of praying, wishing, meditating will create the gender that I want.  I, because Isaiah is so excited he doesn’t care- but in my selfishness, I long for a little H&M baby girl with curly afro puffs and multi colored leggings.
I totally am so thankful for the blessing of conception.  I have come into a deeper understanding of life, the miracle of it, and who amazing God truly is.  I have fallen in love with this baby I cannot see or cannot feel, but know is there and its has taught me how to love and appreciate my faith and my personal relationship with God even more.  Knowing even in the unknowing, so to speak, having faith that even though there is no real physical proof besides the obvious and a little bit of gas and nausea here and there, that my baby is there, fine and growing just the way God intends.  Its truly the miracle of life!

So we want you to join us on THIS fun!  Of course the priority is 1.) healthy and happy and we know I selfishly want a girl ( BUT PLEASE BELIEVE I’d be happy with a baby boy too!)…. but what is your guess??!

Do you think baby Haynes is a girl or a boy??!  (if you say boy I promise I won’t “hate” you- we are excited about either gender)

Comment under this blog with your guess!  Once we find out the gender, we will come back and gather all of the correct guesses and enter you into a drawing. If your local you will have the opportunity to have a 45 minute mini session on us and if your not and live in another state or country, we will send you a $50 gift certificate to a store or vendor of your choice!

Let’s get the guesses going!   So excited to see what you think!

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

We love you!


Latasha & Isaiah