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Oh Baby, September is gonna be crazy!!! {Tacoma Portrait Photographer}


Ok ok ok I know that many of you have been waiting to figure out what this HUGE, epic, massive announcement is and honestly…. I couldn’t be more excited about any ONE thing more than what I am about to share.  I know that many of you are impatient and will skip this very long-winded explanation and head to the picture below to get right to it!  That’s cool. I’m one of those too!  But for you sentimental types that love a back story.  This post is for you!
I have been so flighty, so tired so uninspired.  Wasn’t really sure why I was sleeping all day, slow on orders…  dragging… until New Years Eve when I realized that regularly scheduled programming wasn’t really coming on regularly.  The day my WHOLE life changed.  The moment I have been waiting for my entire life.

While all of you were ringing in the New Year with new goals and a glass of bubbly champagne…. Isaiah and I were crashing head on to our future.  Our life transforming in one morning as we in a span of the 3 minutes, it takes for 2 lines to show up on a pregnancy test,  became parents.

Many people have been waiting for this moment, but none more than me, as I watch my entire life change. This, for me, is the end of a long chapter of my life and the beginning of the most beautiful, as many of you know I grew up in foster care, and both my mother and I were given up at birth, this announcement is a generational curse broken, as Isaiah (the most perfect and supportive husband and now father) and I bring our baby into our family.

Isaiah and I are thrilled to welcome our sweet baby girl or our handsome baby boy this Fall and hope that you are JUST as excited with us.  There will not be a cuter model, a more exciting subject, a more inspirational muse!

I hope that you will stick with us as we step into parenthood, give us your BEST parenting tips, baby advice and comment on how absolutely adorable our sweet baby will be??!!  Okay, maybe not that last part… unless you REALLY want too!  I am already so in love there is no baby like mine! 🙂

Its gonna be a wild ride!

We love you so much and appreciate your incredible support over the last two years and look forward to joining many of you on this journey!  There truly is no greater gift from God then bringing children into the world!

We will still be booking all kinds of sessions so keep those calls coming! 🙂

Love you all so much!