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Gorgeous Chantelle, a practice portrait session, because everyone needs those {Tacoma Portrait Photographer, Tacoma WA}


Sometimes you just need to get out and burn the film…. or in my case, the CF card.  Just shoot… free shoot.  Experiment with posing, with lighting, with editing- so if you see like a million different types of editing techniques here, just know that I was exploring, playing, stretching, seeing what was available to me.  I got scared half way through my editing process and decided to go back to safe, because I didn’t want to try to be something that I wasn’t- but THEN I fought that and thought, if I’m attracted to it, then wouldn’t that be me too?  Oh being a artist is so confusing sometimes.  SO so confusing.
At any rate, I met Chantelle at Forever 21 last summer in the Tacoma Mall.  She was striking then and I remember whipping out a business card and telling her I wanted to photograph her.  She was down, but was moving in like 3 days from that day to California, and it wasn’t going to go down.  She kept up with me and I kept up with her and she came back to town.  For the last 7 months we’ve been trying to figure out concepts and ideas for a perfect shoot, but with pregnancy and burn out- I was really failing at creativity.  So, I decided to just do something normal, just practice, just shoot, for no reason at all- and we had so much fun.  We trapsed around Downtown Tacoma, the port, the dome and just shot.  She’s stunning and we had so much fun!  I love Chantelle’s smile. Her personality is so fun and we both learned so much that day.  She is aspiring model and hopes to one day be signed. I pray that happens for her.  She quite beautiful!

Below, a little from our scavenger hunt around Tacoma.

Please don’t judge the photo dimensions and crazy posititioning of photos. I have been working on this blog for two hours and things JUST don’t seem to be going quite right, but we roll with the punches!

Happy Friday everyone!