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“Sitehouse Go Live Event” w/Promise Tangeman Creative {Phoenix, Arizona- Tacoma Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}


I just came back from one of the most AMAZING experiences of my short photography career.  Last week, I had the opportunity to spend 3 days with the amazingly talented and gifted Promise Tangeman at the Sitehouse Go Live Event.  What is this event I speak of??  Well, Promise, her team and the folks over at Showit came up with the idea to bring photographers together who either didn’t have websites or who’s websites didn’t reflect the best of them,  LIKE US, to learn the Showit systems, a few design tricks and get their sites up in 48 hours!!  48 hours!  Can you believe it??!
The day before Promise announced this workshop, I was telling Isaiah how badly I wanted to learn the Showit system so that I could put the glitz and glam on our site that truly reflected us.  There was so much MORE I knew it needed but I had no clue on how to get it there….. and then came Promise’s announcement!  I seriously couldn’t pay my deposit fast enough and the countdown to Phoenix was on.

Now only is Promise as amazing as she seems, she comes with a pretty dope team of people!  The PTC team, which included sweet Alex & Liz were so helpful and patient, answering our questions and being our cheerleaders as we poured into our sites and try to make them as shiny as possible!  Alejandra provided us with AMAZING headshots and created a DOPE BTS video you can check out here on Promise’s blog & the Showit guys were perfect providing the outside world a piece of the spectacular-ness, yes, its a word today, that we were recieving.  It was so quaint, personal and really really fun.  I made a ton of new and talented friends. Got amazing gifts in a pretty DOPE  Swag Bag…  it was like a college work party, all day and all night with AMAZING music, yummy food and lots and lots of good vibes flowing. And if that wasn’t enough, I even won $500 worth of PASS credit!  Ayeeeee it’s going down!  This workshop was worth EVERY SINGLE penny!

At the end of the two days…. 80% of the workshop attendees went live & I think that’s saying alot since none of us are designer or web gurus!  Although WE chose not to go live last week, we are better equipped and prepared to create a site that we can stand behind and be proud of!  We are so excited to relaunch our LHP brand, which includes, a new website, a new blog and a new overall feel on our social networking sites and in the way we do things!   We know that you will LOVE where we are headed as much as we do and we have the PTC Team and Showit to thank!

One other thing that made this trip ESPECIALLY exciting for me was the opportunity to spend a few days with my mentor, Kacey.  When I first started on my photography journey, I was introduced to Kacey’s work and immediately fell in love!  The only other official workshop I have ever taken besides the one I just finished with PTC was with Kacey and she formed the foundation that my photography knowledge is built on.  Spending those few days with Kacey, almost 3 years later was incredible and I remembered all the reasons why I absolutely adore her.  Kacey is BEYOND talented, kinda and so thoughtful!  She just had a baby girl named Swayze six months ago, so you can imagine my excitement to share in her joy as she shared in mine.

Sitehouse and Showit will be doing more of these “Go Live” events and I fully endorse it for whatever stage your in in your business!  I learned so much about design, aesthetic and flow this week and look forward to applying the concepts to my NEW vision!

You can check out a few amazing INSTAGRAM photos from my trip below!