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Morgan, a 2013 Christian Faith Schools Senior & LHP Street Team Member {Tacoma & Federal Way Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}


Morgan is a doll!  I have had the joy of knowing her for 3 years and watching her grow and mature.  One thing that rarely happens with our high school seniors, is that I have gotten to shoot them prior to their senior pictures or have as deep a history with them, because of our past relationship shooting Morgan was so special.  When I first started photography, I was super green and I really wanted to get into senior pictures.  At the time, Morgan was a freshmen at CFS and volunteer to model for me so that I could get practice in.  Morgan, being the sweetheart that she is, still talks about those pictures as if they are the best I ever took-  I am sure she’s thrilled about the growth!
Morgan is so sweet. She has the most beautiful heart and a love for Jesus that goes unmatched.  I watch her interact with her siblings and other children and I am blown away by the natural gifts that are inside of her.  She is one of the most thoughtful, kind, considerate young people I know.  She is a student leaders, serving her school in ASB.  She is a cheerleader, encouraging people everywhere she goes…  and she is a strong Christian and represents her God in a way that I only wish I could have at her age.

I am honored to know Morgan and even more honored that she’s stuck by me and my gift all of these years!

If you are a 2013 Senior attending Christian Faith Schools, hit up Morgan for a exclusive discount!