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Lyric, one of the COOLEST kids in the world! { Sacramento Family Portrait Photographer, Sacramento, CA}


Going through our 2011 sessions and found this sweet little girl!  Lyric, one of my favorite kids in the world!  Completely full of life, joy and humor she is the light to everyone around her.  Singing and acting HANDS DOWN one of the most talented little people I know.  I don’t do kid sessions (outside of their family) but WITH THIS girl, I had to make a exception!  When I shot this session I had no idea I was pregnant.  I remember photographing Lyric and having such a ball, wishing that one day I would have a little girl as cool as her!  Who knew a few weeks later I would be pregnant, a months following that I would get my dream in the form of Wisdom.  Even with my dream completely come true, Lyric STILL lights up my life with all that she brings with her.  She is still the coolest kid I know (Wisdom is the coolest baby, of course) and I find great joy in knowing that I get to watch her become an amazing woman one day!   With so many cold and rainy days here in Seattle, this little post is simply to warm things up!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

– Latasha