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Lyric’s Fancy 5th Birthday Party {Sacramento Portrait Photographer, Sacramento, CA}


I am willing to bet that there is probably very little in life that is cooler than turning five.  At least, after looking through these pictures of this sweet birthday party, that’s the story I am sticking with.
A few months ago, I had the opportunity to be a part of this special little girl’s fifth birthday and I loved every single minute.  She is so special to me and makes me so excited about having a little girl to enjoy and to dress up and party plan with.

This 5th birthday was unique because this little girl’s mother is not only one of my best friends, but also a EXTREMELY talented event planning & design hobbyist!  Remember my epic baby shower??  Yeah, she was behind that AMAZINGNESS too!

Lyric’s party was drenched in details. Everything fancy for the sweet princess she is, complete with little miniture snack size portions of her favorite treats: macaroni & cheese, chicken fingers, fruit kabobs, mini hot dogs and more, a cupcake making bar, a morning at the spa complete with mani & pedi’s, as well as two photoshoots: one to showcase turning the BIG “5” and one to celebrate with friends.   Every single detail was thought out and planned with great care.   One of Lyric’s favorite story book characters is a young girl named Nancy from the “Fancy Nancy” children’s book series.  In the series Nancy plays dress up and does very fancy things, Lyric’s mom pulled elements of Nancy into her Parisian birthday bedroom inspired party.

Needless to say, it was not only a honor to photograph this little girl but to be a part of supporting her mom in the planning of her special day.  The party ended as it should with a pinata of candy and a fun arts and craft project.  Since all of the attendees were or had just turned five years old, they used the opportunity to chronicle the special time in their life by creating golden handprints on canvas!

Such a blessing to have creative parents!  I look so forward to watching Lyric grow through this year!

If you are looking to do something special for your little love or wanting to throw a epic event/shower or party and need a boost, help or some ideas – I have the perfect person in mind!  Shoot over a email to info@ikeandtash.com and I will connect you!   You will not regret it – not a single event will be planned without this talent’s help!